Sunday, March 30, 2008

double 2!!..happy birthday to me!!!

im ordy double2 years old..
suda tue..
got 22 wrinkles under my eyes..
anyway thanx to all dat wishes me..
all my frens, and families...

and and and..
pwezie pwezie pwezie..

thankiuu syafiq fo d teddy chomeyy...d first to wish and d fes pwezie @ 12am..
dat brown one yaya (lil sis) bagi fo my bday last year..
skang teddy da ader kawan..

and thanx too fo d birthday treat..ehe!..
with my fave deli wings...

and oso thankiuu az, efie and mirza fo d nice necklace and earings...
and oso jerman fo d cutey cutey handphone string pinky monkey...

thanx kak ct fo d card...

and thanx too allllll...

na nyanyi bday song fo myself..

happy birthday to me..
happy birthday to me..
happy birthday to....meeee...
happy birthday to...meee..


thanx ya'll...


hajarr said...

just a simple thank you from you..
it does make me feel 'dihargai'..
teehee :)
thanx Thiera..
hope ur life get better n better.
i 'll keep u as fren sampai tua for sure.
sorry 4anything i did that hurt.
anggap gurau2 kasar je yerr thira..

khairiyah said...

owh tidak..ur besday..aiyakk..sori la honey..gaji feb dpt skit je..gaji mac nnt ya..owe u a present!